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We embroider your name on our product so that it is customized. You can choose a design that is special for you, we embroidery it near your name so we personalize and customize your product more. If you buy it as a gift, we embroidery the message you desire or the design that reflects your message and it became a very special gift.
Our company that started trading as Gültekin Tecimen Data Processing Services in 1998 continues to work having the same name, quality and reliability and improving itself with different business ideas and actions.
Our company is the wholesale dealer of Osmanlı Towel which incorporates many international Turkish Towel Brands such as Fiesta, Nurpak, Gonca, Pupilla, Happylife, Anna Karina. At the same time it has towels for itself weaved in Bursa that is the towel center of Turkey. As Turkish towel represents quality around the world, Bursa towel reflects quality in Turkey.
We embroider names and designs on our quality towels with handiness and technology. The service that we have been providing in our Turkish website www.bursahatirasi.com is given all around the world with this website www.toweltr.com by us.
The primary aim of our company which keeps quality and technology up-to-date is “Customer Satisfaction”. This is our power that keeps us dynamic and improving ourselves.
Besides customized towels, our company sells wholesale towels to 5 continents including Australia. Excluding hotel textile, we export many types of towel with quality product and right price.
A Turkish Proverb says “The person’s mirror is work, don’t look at his word.”
We hope to work with you and you are satisfied with it.

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