Discover the Symbols

We can embroider a symbol you wish near the name. Your personalized towel becomes more special with symbol that is special for you. If you buy it as a gift, name embroidered towel or bathrobe become more special with the symbol you choose. You can see the symbols that you can have the towel embroidered below. You can choose all the symbols here in the product pages.
LOVE Heart is the thing that represent love best. We can decorate your gift with hearts. It can be teddy bear, one couple of flamingos, cats with their tails in the shape of heart.

ZODIAC SIGN You can choose from the product page the zodiac symbols Scorpio, Leo, Pisces, Virgo, Taurus, Gemini, Aries, Aquarius, Capricorn, Libra, Sagittarius.

FLOWERS You can choose in product pages the designs of flowers such as rose, tulip, violet, roses, colourful flowers, hyacinth.

In product pages, you can choose and have the towel embroidered the pictures of horse, lion, bee, fish, owl, chick, cat, seal, seahorse, starfish, dragon, flamingo, crocodile, dove, cow, turtle, eagle, hawk, butterfly, ram, octopus, dog, frog, wolf, dolphin, panda, penguin, deer, snail, worm, elephant, bat, crab, giraffe.

You can choose in product pages pictures of hobbies such as floristry, balloon, BBQ, body building, stamp collecting, seamanship, yachting, fishing, bird watching, traveling, music, guitar, violin, saxophone, jet ski, American football, rugby, polo, billiard, chess, baseball, archery, dart, squash, stargazing, ballet, table tennis, acey-deucy, golf, tennis, basketball, roller skating, skiing, bowling, cycling, karate, judo, motor sports, horse riding, ice skating, wave surfing, wind surfing, rowing, canoeing, parachuting, football, fencing, volleyball, box, wrestling, arm wrestling, climbing, weight lifting.

Especially for baby and child products, you can choose designs of rattle, teddy bear, balloon, stork bringing baby, stroller, bib, lamb, baby bottle, bicycle, toy, toy car, ice cream, alligator, carousel, pacifier, elephant, seal, deer, flower, turtle, toy plane, rubber duck, toy elephant, rabbit, mushroom house,

You can choose in product pages symbols of winter, Father Christmas, Christmas decoration.

You can choose designs of birthday for various ages in product pages. First birthday of children is a special event for everybody.

You can choose the pictures of lorry, gardening tools, computer, tractor, key, cow, lemon, pepper, peas, garlic, banana, apple, hot pepper, pear, cherry, coffee, lemonade.


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